REIP is a collective of real estate industry leaders who are committed to uniting and empowering the industry.

We offer free membership to every independent real estate office, agent, property managers and corporate groups in Australia. Included in membership with REIP is unlimited free listings on the REIP Portalthe industry gateway that bring you the best of breed products available in our industry from our partners.

We also work with key industry stakeholders to transform how agents connect and engage with clients through industry-driven collaboration and innovation.

Our Five (5) Leadership Pillars are designed to directly benefit all of our members, and they include:

  • Industry Collaboration
  • National Marketing
  • Industry Data & Proptech
  • Office Profitability
  • Professional Standards & Wellbeing (supporting existing initiatives and providers)

Introducing REIP Nexus

 Your industry backed and owned CMA and market insights tool helping you drive your real estate business with your data.

REIP Nexus is the first industry backed and owned market insights tool that will see control and protection over our data, putting it in the hands of the people who created the data. As a joint venture between the Real Estate Industry Partners and Valocity, a unique data and technology company that combines infotech, proptech and fintech innovation to deliver a more seamless property decision making process.  

Listen to the the thought and digital transformation process behind this collaboration that aims to empower the real estate industry on the PropTech Podcast from Real Estate Business, and click on the button below to find out more about how you can get involved with REIP Nexus. 

Carmen Vicelich, Founder and Global CEO of Valocity is with Mike Green, Executive Director Operations AREINZ and Sadhana Smiles, CEO of the Real Estate Industry Partners.

Sadhana Smiles, CEO

“I’m excited to take on the role as CEO for REIP. More so than any other time we have the opportunity right now to collaborate and work together to ensure that our industry is protected. 

Our collective leadership efforts will ensure a strong and sustainable industry, especially around innovation and a positive industry voice.

I hope you will join us in this important cause for the benefit of all agents and agencies, and most importantly our customers.

Sadhana Smiles

Andrew Friebe, Head of Partnerships

At the heart of Andrew’s endeavours is a steadfast “why” that serves as the foundation of his drive and purpose. This clear sense of purpose propels him forward, enabling him to navigate challenges with resilience and a resolute focus on finding effective solutions. Through his fortitude, he consistently achieves desired results, propelling companies and clients toward greater success.

With a determined spirit and a proven track record of success, Andrew is poised to make an indelible mark, driving growth and prosperity. His unwavering dedication, coupled with his ability to exceed expectations, positions him as a transformative force in the real estate industry. More »

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to unite our industry and drive a strong and sustainable future using a positive collective voice and cutting edge innovation. 

Our Vision

We envisage a thriving real estate future with agents, agencies and groups playing an active role in the landscape we operate in.

Our Values

We’re committed to collaboration, support and ensuring success and protection for agents, agencies and our customers.

REIP Team of Directors & Partnerships

Sadhana Smiles

Chief Executive Officer REIP

Andrew Friebe

Head of Partnerships

Mike Green


Angus E. Raine

Executive Chairman

Peter Hanscomb

Director, CEO

James Bell

Chief Executive Officer

Joel Davoren

Managing Director

Dan White

Managing Director

Todd Hadley

Managing Director

Damian Hackett

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Coronis

Director, CEO

Matt Webster