How do I learn more about REIP?

Read below and/or personally contact our CEO, Sadhana Smiles:

Ph 0403 271 676

What are the main objectives of REIP as an organisation?

  1. Industry Collaboration
  2. National Marketing
  3. Industry Data & Proptech
  4. Office Profitability
  5. Professional Standards & Wellbeing
    (i.e. lending our collective muscle to existing, great initiatives and providers in this area)

Is REIP an association, or in competition with the REIA or state-based Real Estate Institutes?

REIP is not an association and is not at all in competition with any association or Institute.

Whilst we have some shared objectives (see above), we have a different charter around industry leadership, commercialisation and sustainability etc. 

In fact, we are already working collaboratively with some of the Institutes, each playing to our own strengths for the benefit of our shared members.

What sponsors or suppliers are supporting REIP?

Just some of the industry suppliers committed to supporting REIP members so far include  (alpha sort only):

  • CoreLogic
  • ListOnce
  • Sorted
  • Valocity
  • WebIT

Did the REIP Portal evolve from Squiiz?

Yes, although the old Squiiz portal was designed primarily as a listings portal and app, whereas the REIP Portal is an industry-controlled datahub, including various member products and services.

To be clear, the Squiiz brand has now been retired, with many valuable lessons along the way - which will benefit all Agents and our industry!

How do I join REIP and load my free listings?

Simply Join Up here or call REIP Support on 1300 655 448.

What is Real Estate Industry Partners ('REIP')?

REIP is a collective of industry leaders who are committed to empowering and uniting the industry.

Working with key industry stakeholders, REIP will transform how Agents connect and engage with clients through industry-driven collaboration and innovation.

For the benefit of all Agents and our industry.

How is REIP different as an industry leadership organisation?

  • There’s now a real and recognised need to work more collaboratively as an industry
  • REIP is 100% industry-driven and will always remain a majority Agent-owned organisation
  • A dedicated CEO has been appointed
  • Profits are put back into agreed, viable leadership initiatives, innovation, marketing and member products etc

For the benefit of all Agents and our industry.

Who has committed to REIP?

Just some of the leading brands and CEOs 100% committed to REIP so far include

(alpha sort only):

  • Belle Property - Peter Hanscomb
  • Century 21 - Charles Tarbey
  • Coronis Real Estate - Andrew Coronis
  • Harcourts - Mike Green
  • Place - Damien Hackett
  • PRD - Tony Brasier
  • Raine & Horne - Angus Raine
  • Ray White - Dan White
  • Remax - Joel Davoren

What is the key focus of the REIP portal(s)?

For your reference, the REIP content Website is at  whilst the associated REIP listings and data Portal is at

It is important that the industry better controls and benefits from its own data.

Whilst the REIP Portal is a public facing, industry-owned listings portal, it is primarily an industry-controlled datahub which we will grow and diversify - for the benefit of all Agents and our industry.

In time it will also become a member and products hub for all Agents.

Is there a cost to load listings on the REIP portal?

No, it’s free!

When you load your unlimited, free listings (all types) onto the portal, we guarantee as an always majority Agent-owned organisation that we will protect industry data and subsequently provide that data (and associated products & services) back to our members for free or at a greatly reduced cost.

Of note is the fact that you are already providing your listings data to all the major commercial property portals (and subsequently the major data providers), so we need to ask ourselves as Agents …

What’s to lose really with REIP, and how can we be smarter as an industry, moving forward?

How do I become a REIP member, shareholder or supplier?

Any registered Agent, office or group can become a member or shareholder.

For more information on benefits and inclusions please contact our CEO, Sadhana Smiles:

Ph 0403 271 676

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